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This is extremely boring; I stopped watching after a minute or two. You might want to improve on that.

SquirtyTV responds:

If you didn't watch the entire thing then you have no right to review it...


An astonishing piece--slightly minimilastic yet masterfully drawn and animated dynamically, with a perfect, Newgrounds-esque color scheme. The music is perfectly done.

It has much symbolism. A true masterpiece.

Pretty decent

Close-up stuff is pretty low quality, but voice acting is all right and sounds are really good. Reminds me of Metroid Fusion.

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Mediocre at best

The animation is simplistic but I guess it's pretty crisp... But there's no sound other than the music (which isn't too bad, I guess) and also there's not really any upgrades -- any incentive to keep me wanting to play more. I stopped after level 2.


Yay, I'm so happy, I got all this great progress --- oh wait... I can't save...
But yeah I played this for at least 3 hours. Very entertaining.

Evil-Dog responds:

it should save, why does everyone have their local storage disabled? that's insane. Right click on the flash and allow local storage!


Yeah, the music is slightly annoying, and the sounds are extremely simplistic. The controls are also very flawed.

I appreciate the amount of work you put into it though.

goofygamer87 responds:

Thanks for the review Duffany1. What about the controls did you find flawed? Is it the button choice or the actual control of the character?

I also plan on updating or creating a new more fleshed out game based on the same idea. So any criticism is fine by me. :)

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This is an amazing track. It's very creative and well mixed, and has a nice blend of musical elements. Furthermore, the melody is very pleasing and original. This is one of my new favorites.

This reeks of the default FL Studio sounds, and the piano at the beginning is way too overcompressed and muffled. This song was a good idea, though.

Overall an okay beat, but the vocals are way too dry and are out of key. It's as though you built a completely separate song around the vocals. Furthermore, some of your effects sound very muffled and overcompressed, like the one at 0:16.

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Dude, nice. This looks almost 3D! Looks really crisp and awesome. Good job.


Dude, I rated this a 10. You're sending me the first one you make!

Lol, I know this isn't real. Nice though! Looks really professional, and it's got nice details to it.


It looks so awkward. There's a 0% chance of this ever happening in real life lol.

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